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Have any of you seen the film "Rudy"?
I first saw it when I was 15 or 16. The story gave me the biggest jolt of inspiration of any film I have ever seen.

If Rudy could accomplish that without being blessed with the physical talent to play...
football at that level, then what could I accomplish if I worked as hard as he did? After watching that movie, I decided that I would always work as if I'm the last man on the team that had everything to prove. From that point to this day I have been doing exactly that.

I met the real Rudy by chance last season on the court prior to a road game vs Sacramento. His daughter just so happen to be singing the national anthem that night. He had no clue what an inspiration he has been for me over the years. It was great to finally meet him and share with him what a great influence his story has had on me.

This morning I received a copy of his book. It dives even deeper into his journey. I share this with you in hopes that it might ignite in you a similar passion as it did for me. It doesn't matter if you play sports or not. Determination, belief, perseverance, passion etc.. Will elevate you to your goal no matter what the goal may be.

Mamba out.

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